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I had two weeks where my website, emails & sanity went down the rabbit hole, while trying to migrate to a new web hosting service.  I think the worst of it is over.  Although, as I self-medicated with enough chocolate to fell a horse, I may be several sizes larger when you see me in Welland! LOL

Here’s where we stand…
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SO, IF you want to find out when the shows are, or my latest deals,  and are on Facebook lots, like my Facebook page.  If you turn on notifications for it, my posts will show up in your feed.  If you know how to like my Events, you’ll receive notice of new events.  And right now (October 11/17), I’m still sorting out my website migration.  So when in doubt, message me on Facebook!


I just got a text from another client who was unable to get a hold of me to pre-book. That's when I finally realized it wasn't that people hadn't gotten my email, it was that I want getting PREBOOK forms because because the plug-in was broken. and, no longer working either. So those of you that know people, who may have tried to book with me and haven't heard from me, please ask them to message me here, or email me at the above address is, or just come on down to the shows. Sorry about this! The joys of technology....
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On my way to Welland! Got my fabulous new ring made from a meteorite. Good energy! ... See MoreSee Less

On my way to Welland! Got my fabulous new ring made from a meteorite. Good energy!

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Rai Rantasafe travels

3 days ago

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So West-End GTA-ers... I'm going to be in Welland this Fri-Sun... detes are in the event, so check it out. Then I'm going to be in Burlington the first week of November. Just found out about Burlington a few days ago. It's in a new location, but I don't remember it offhand... will post the detes later. ... See MoreSee Less

Rebel Tarot was live. ... See MoreSee Less

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Louise Cloutier Whitehey. remember me. everything you told me in September gas come true so far

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Jody M.Scottlove you

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Tiffany VanceYour amazing!! I had my cards read by you back in 2009ish in London and pretty much everything has happened , I want my cards read again I need an update PLEASE!

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Alisha Straussoooo never had this done!

5 days ago

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Playing during a quiet moment at the Ajax Legion Fair ... See MoreSee Less

Playing during a quiet moment at the Ajax Legion Fair

PJ Editing

It’s midnight and I’m still in my PJs editing this website.  *Sigh*.  I’ve been trying to see if I can get my website posts to automatically post to Facebook.  But I may pack it in soon. This girl needs her beauty rest! 😀

On To North Bay!

It was an amazing weekend in Kingston!  I saw so many people!  And now I have less than two weeks before I start my two and a half month tour of Western Canada.  I’ll be back in June!! June… Yowza!  So I’m trying to link Instagram here so I can post lots of pics of my adventures!

Burlington then Kingston!

So since I last posted, I’ve been to Ottawa (pre-book city – love you all!) Mississauga (dead… did I mention dead?), and Oshawa (holy cow were I bezzzy!)…. So I’m a vewy vewy tired bunny.  No longer hacking up a lung though.  Yay! AND I’ve managed to put up detes on the next 5 or 6 shows… or is it 7?  Well, right up to Moose Jaw.   Kudos to the blonde!

So …. Burlington Feb 19-21 Psychic Fair is next, followed by the Kingston Feb 26-28 Psychic Fair.  K? Check out the drop down menu under upcoming events to check out the details of the other shows!

Chimo This Weekend!

I’m at the Jan 22-24 Ottawa – now officially known as the Holiday in Ottawa East – this weekend!  So come on down between Fri Jan 22 and Sunday Jan24th.  Now for those of you who noticed, I’d accidently left last year’s dates in the title of the webpage.  So to clarify, it’s this weekend.  January 22nd – 24th.  Woot!!

Oshawa Now Thu Feb 4 thru – Sat Feb 6

Oshawa was originally scheduled for Fri Feb 5 thru Sun Feb 7th.  But the promoter just informed me that the Legion had double booked Sunday.  So as a consequence, we’re not going to be able to be there Sunday.  So we will be starting and ending a day earlier than planned.  We’ll start Thursday February 4th, and finish Saturday, February 6th.  OK?  I’ll be sending my east-end folks an email next week.  (Well that’s the plan…. the road to hell is paved with good intentions! LOL)

Happy New Year!

Happy 2016 to everyone!  I hope your holidays were joyous and wonderful!

I had an amazing December.  I spent the first two weeks in Cuba had four days to say hi to friends and repack, then flew to NS for the remainder of 2015.  There I had moments of both joy and grief as our family celebrated our first Christmas without our gentle, witty father.  I’d intended to post from NS but my new laptop got crotchety, things were hectic (and emotional), so it never happened. Then I no sooner landed in Toronto when I ended up welcoming in the New Year with a small patch of pneumonia.  Not quite what I’d had in mind to ring in the new year!  😛

As a result, I’ve been laid up  since.  But I am recovering quite nicely (meds, determination, and that “small patch” thing!  SO I’m going to get lots of rest between now and then and am planning to do January’s shows.  Fingers crossed! Although if I do the shows, I’ll have to take it easy in between, so no parties (tarot or otherwise) or home readings for me for a few weeks.  I will try to honor those Skype readings I committed to, just  delay them by a couple of weeks.  So send me up lots of healing energy and thanks in advance for your patience!

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