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I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. Both sets of grandparents were alive when I was a child, so I was fortunate enough to spend time with them. My Dad’s mother was an incredible, intuitive musician, having never been trained formally. I loved the great jigs she’d play on the piano and the awesome donuts she made!

It was only later, that I was told that she was ‘fey‘ (a Gaelic term for ‘psychic) – a fact that was known and accepted in the community. It fascinated me, but I didn’t really relate it to myself because I hadn’t yet recognized my own abilities. I just knew that I seemed to know much more about a person than other people did upon acquaintance.

In tarot, I found both a tool that allowed me focus my abilities, and a form of spiritual healing. I continue to study tarot because I believe learning tarot is like spirituality: you don’t just ‘get it’ then stop. You continue to grow and learn. And as I do, I plan to share my tarot discoveries & adventures here!

And I am also passionate about my grandmother’s first love – music. I write and perform when opportunities arise, and am selling stunning ambient music on this website!

So although I had not planned to,  I’ve followed in my Grandmother’s path – both with my psychic abilities, with my passion for music, and her passion for life (cos my red-haired grandmother was feisty & as an activist,  so am I!)

Thanks, Nanny-K!

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  • hi nalani
    well i am so glad that you inherited some of your grandmother special gifts, i am looking forward to seeing you again in Kingston.
    take care

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