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I decided to use a Reading (or spiritual) name, rather than the name I was born with both because it afforded me a measure of protection and because it was wonderfully liberating to choose a name that reflected what I wanted to do in this work.

I chose the Hawaiian name, Nalani because it was similar enough to my birth name to be comfortable, and because it means serenity of heaven;

I love the idea of my mantra music and tarot readings being gifts from heaven channeled through me, that could help bring serenity!

Nalani is also a number 6 in numerology, and six is the number of a healer. Nalani’s World is an 11, a master number for teaching & helping transform on a large scale.  And is a 1, the card of leadership & creativity (and, OK, bossiness, but I’ll try not to be that!!)

So the numerological meaning of both my Reading & website name also reflect what I want to achieve.

One Response to What’s in a Name?

  • You have a beautiful energy and a compassionate soul. Thank you for my reading. I know it was difficult, but you showed grace and empathy.

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