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Remember to Give Me a Few Reading Time Options!

I also work in the film industry & when not doing a Psychic Fair I am on call for film industry gigs, which often come in at the last minute.

What that means for you  is that I’ll usually be able to fit you in within 2 weeks of your email request, but may end up cancelling a couple of tentative bookings before giving you a final confirmation.  Flexibility is the key!

Confirm Reading the Night Before

So specify which  week you want a reading & a couple of preferences.  We’ll set a tentative date & time, and I’ll confirm that I’m available after 9pm the night before the reading.

Pay for Reading at my Tarot Store the Day of the Reading

Just before the reading, pay for the reading through PayPal at my Tarot Store:

Please don’t pay for the reading until we’ve confirmed a date & time!

I want to make sure I can read you when you want, before taking your money!

Remember Time Zone Differences

For my international clients,  don’t forget all appointments are Toronto time, so if you live in a different time zone, find out the time difference here:

PS: Phone & Skype Tarot Readings Recorded Too!

For those who book a phone or Skype reading, you won’t be missing out on MP3 recording of your reading! I will record & email the link to you! And for more information on Skype readings go to: