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I record your reading as a complimentary service, either on cassette tape or MP3, regardless of the reading size.  I do not charge either for the cassette tapes, or for the time it takes to process the MP3s (20 min to a half hour). I also do a backup MP3 recording, just in case something goes wrong.

I’m happy to do it because people really enjoy their MP3 recordings! And the vast majority of people get their MP3s without any problems.

But please keep in mind, you are paying for your READING not the recording.

I RECORD YOUR  READING IS A COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE.  If for ANY reason whatsoever you do not get the recording, I am not obligated to recompense you.

You are, of course, welcome to bring your own recording device.

Here’s how you download your MP3 recording.

After the reading, if you remember, email me at and just put something brief in the Subject like “Fred from Saturday night“.

OK… that doesn’t sound too good!  😉 .  Perhaps something like Fred’s reading from Saturday in Kingston .  I’ll Reply, thus avoiding having my email end up in your Spam folder.   If you don’t however, no worries.  I will email you instructions and a link to your MP3 recording, which I’ve labeled and uploaded to a site called MediaFire. It is a free media storage site, that, like Yahoo, allows users to have a private account from which you can access and share information.

*If you don’t hear from me within a week, check your spam folder then email me!  I may not have been able to read your email address & can’t contact you.


These will be in the body of your email, but just in case…!

Click on Your Link

– Select “Click Here to Download”
A new page will open and you’ll see your file in this format: YY-MMDD-CITY-#-CLIENT. Underneath it you’ll see a yellow box with blue print that says Click Here to Download.

**An ad may come up that partially obscures the page. Just click on the X on the top right corner. This will close the ad allowing you to see the Click Here to Download box.

– Save or Play Your MP3! A menu will popup saying, ‘You have chosen to open [File Name]‘ It will give you the option to Save it or Open it in your MP3 Player (like ITunes or Windows Media Player). Pick which one you want.

The file plays in Windows Media Player and Itunes, as well as most MP3 players.

I don’t know what your default player is, or where your files are saved – that would be something you or someone in your household would have chosen.  If you can’t find it, after you’ve saved it, do a search for the file. The default place to save a file is on the Desktop.  The default player is Windows Media Player.

Please download your files as soon as possible! I cannot guarantee that they’ll stay on MediaFire longer than one week.

Enjoy listening to your reading on your computer or MP3 player!