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If you haven’t already, please fill out the form here & get a reading time before paying for a reading.  Thanks!  And if you have any questions about the process go to: my-readings/how-to-book-a-reading.

Nalani Tarot Reading – POWER

Price: $70.00 (plus tax)

Tarot Reading - Power
Tarot Reading - Power
This is the ultimate psychic tarot reading. I often use several spreads, and can deal with more than one major area of your life. It combines counseling and tarot to look, not just at what's coming into your life, but what contributed to various situations, & how best to maximize the coming events. Detailed & very powerful! Includes MP3s of reading!
Nalani Tarot Reading – MID

Price: $60.00 (plus tax)

Tarot Reading - Mid
Tarot Reading - Mid
A mid-intensity tarot reading, Power-Mid usually gives you enough time to cover two issues or get a quick overview of several. Very insightful! Includes MP3 of reading! (Phone or video chat only.)*

Nalani Tarot Reading – MINI

Price: $40.00 (plus tax)

Tarot Reading - Mini
Tarot Reading - Mini
A Mini tarot reading gives you the option of going into one issue in detail, or getting a quick overview of a couple, or doing a follow-up. Includes MP3 of reading! (Phone or video chat only)

As a complimentary service, I will record an MP3 of your reading & email it to you. I will do this even for  phone & Skype readings!  However, please keep in mind that you’re paying for your READING not the recording. If for ANY reason whatsoever you do not get the recording, I am not obligated to recompense you.