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If you have a computer & webcam, and are familiar with IM,  you can get a tarot reading via Skype!  You can easily set up a video chat tarot reading where you see me and watch lay out the cards, from the comfort of your home  & without the hassle of  traffic & parking!


Download the newest version of Skype for free here.

If you haven’t done this before, instructions on how to call someone on videochat, using Skype are here.

Install the software, open the program, create your user profile, test your audio and video.

When everything is working, click the new button on the left side of the screen, just above contacts.

Add me:

My user name is nalanitarot.

My email address is:

Once I’ve been added, you should see my name in your contact list.  If my name has a green box with a check to the left of it, I’m online and ready to go!.  Click the green video call button, which is the second button above the main screen.  It will call me.