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My musical mantras are divided into 4 quarters, or quatrains, in which in mantra itself is chanted 27 times. The total number of times the mantra is chanted is 108, which is a sacred & magical number – 108 Names of God.

The number of the quatrain you’re on is indicated at the beginning of each quatrain, so you know where you are.

There are three vocal lines; The ‘main‘ vocal line is the mantra itself which, like a Gregorian chant, is chanted in a monotone exactly 108 times. Underneath, is a base-line comprised of the names of powerful runic symbols that are deeply and slowly chanted in the latter half of the song. And weaving above and around these is a vocal melody loosely based on the mantra phrases. The melody line is not meant to be chanted to. Rather, it is meant to move the listener & draw them into the mantra.

Runic Bassline

Rune‘ means means ‘mystery‘ or ‘secret‘, as does the tarot’s (major and minor) ‘arcana‘. Like tarot, they were, and continue to be, used as tools of spiritual enlightment, transformation and divination. I loved the idea of incorporating these ancient powerful & ancient symbols into my mantras – both to increase the mantra’s power, and to add a northern-European influence to the predominately Eastern mantras.

So I created a vocal bass-line by repeatedly chanting the names of runes whose energy complimented the main mantra. The Runic bass-line is not meant to be chanted. Rather, it is meant to super-charge the main mantra by adding a layer of ancient power sounds from a vastly different culture, whose messages seeps into the subconscious and supports & facilitates the healing of the main mantra.

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