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Over millenia, cultures have believed that ‘spirit is created and animated not by light, but by sound. And that chanting, was not just to calm, but to transform energy and lives.  Mantras are groups of sounds used to transform energy, and originated in the Vedic Tradition in India.


Sanskrit is an ancient, sacred Indo-Aryan language and is one of the 22 official languages of India. Although no longer used for conversation, Sanskrit is still used in Buddhist & Hindu ceremonies; much like Latin was in Christian ceremonies. Vedic Sanskrit pre-dates Christ by 1,500 years, and earlier forms of it go back to 4,000 BC!

So sanskrit mantras are ancient, and very very powerful.

Seed Mantras

Seed Mantras are single-syllable sounds that are powerful mantras in their own right. It is believed that one can dramatically transform ones life by chanting these simple, mini-mantras.

Mantra Tradition

Mantras are traditionally chanted exactly 108 times, as 108 is sacred and magical number in many Eastern religions. Malas (prayer beads) have 108 beads. 108 is even seen in the Christian tradition, for the Catholic rosary is 54 beads – or a half mala.

Traditionally, it is also believed that mantras are powerfully energized if chanted for a 40 day period. Forty is also a sacred number, even in the Christian tradition: Moses wandered for 40 years, and Christ in the desert for 40 days.

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