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In this section, I plan to add information about tarot and related subjects, such gemstones.

I’ve been reading tarot for years, and as I continue to read, I discover ways to get more detail out of the cards &  to understand more clearly the nuances of cards, individually and together.  I’d like to share some of that knowledge with you!

Some of my methods may work for you.  Some may not.  Hey, none of them may. And that’s OK.

My intent isn’t to convince anyone of the validity of tarot reading, or that my technique is the best.  It’s just to share the knowledge I do have in the hopes that those who are unfamiliar but curious may find tarot as fascinating & fun as I do, and that those who want to, will find here the tools to make their readings more powerful, detailed & accurate.

Gemstones have been worn for centuries for good luck, protection, etc.  So I’ve included the meanings of some gemstones, for your perusing pleasure!


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