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Calcite increases & amplifies energy. It helps one’s mind remember what one saw in astral travel & helps the body remember health . Good stone for arts & sciences & helping teach the world.  Physically, calcites can heal back pain, increase physical strength, heal teeth. Cancer & 8.


The “Actor’s Stone”: enhances all performances. Gently facilitates change. Enhances memory. Helps one find one’s soul mate & have a happy marriage. Attracts friends & good luck Aries & 3. Onyx attracts happiness & good fortune.


Very rare. Found only in Russia by the Charo river. Called “Stone of Transformation”. Releases negative emotions. Enhances creativity. Helps one find one’s path. Releases entities. Speeds healing. Sagittarius, Scorpio & 7.

Chevron Amethyst

Cleanses the aura. Repels negativity, allowing one to understand reasons for it. Helps heal headaches, pain, symptoms of viral & infectious disease. 7 & Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn.


Attracts wealth, health & happiness. Enhances mental clarity & confidence. Brings good fortune. Protects. Alleviates depression & self-doubt. Helps heal digestion & eliminate nightmares. Solar plexus.  Scorpio & Saggittarius & 6.

Fire Agate

Dispels fears & provides protective shield that reflects negativity back to source. Dispels undesirable desires. Helps one be ones best. Helps eyes & circulation. Aries & 9.


Balances all relationships. A genius stone, it enhances all intellectual work. Increases concentration. Helps one see truth behind illusion. Cleanses the chakras. Helps heal flu, cold, infections, & tumors. Pisces, Capricorn, 2 & 77.

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