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Mexican Lace Agate

Increases vitality. Balances physical energy. Encourages laughter & helps one find ones higher path. Helps vitalize organs & heal skin. Aries & 7.

Moonstone (Sand)

Calms & helps prevent over-reaction. Enhances intuition & psychic abilities. Increases creativity. Protects during childbirth & pregnancy. Protects while traveling & at sea. Enhances & attracts all love. Aids PMS, menopause, water retention. Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, 4.

Moss Agate

Attracts  abundance, success, prosperity. Stimulates creativity. Increases self-confidence & friendshipes. Proctects. Virgo, 1.

Onyx (Black)

Aligns one with higher powers. Banishes grief. Enhances self-control & helps one make wise decisions. Draws happiness & good fortune. Helps heal disorders of bone marrow, soft tissue & feet. Leo, 6.


Symbolizes faith, charity & innocence. Enhances personal integrity. Brings truth out in situations. Helps heal digestive organs & increase fertility. Cancer, Gemini & 7.

Picture Jasper

Reveals hidden thoughts, grief, fears & hopes so one may heal. Increases intuition. Blesses any work to save the planet. Stimulates immune system. Helps heal skin & kidneys. Leo & 8.

Rose Quartz

The “Love Stone”, it enhances family, platonic romantic & self- love. Rejuvenates. Helps heal emotional wounds. Clears fluids in cells & helps release impurities. Encourages forgiveness & tolerance. Helps clear skin & reduce wrinkles. Taurus, Libra & 7.

Rhodochrosite (Tan)

Balances & stabilizes love & emotions. Helps create a world of love & dreams for wearer. Removes avoidance & denial. Helps one heal the planet & find joy in service. Helps help problems with elimination & thyroid. Scorpio, Leo & 4.


Helps one achieve one’s greatest potential. Dispels anxiety & helps one remain calm in the midst of chaos. Encourages generosity. Helps heal heart & arthritis. Taurus & 9.

Rainforest Jasper

Rhyolite or Rainforest Jasper brings change, variety & progress. It helps one process past issues so one can move forward. It enhances communication. Sparks creativity.  Helps one come out of one’s shell. Helps heal disorders of veins, & to improve muscle tone. Sagittarius, 4.

Red Jasper

Red jasper helps mitigate injustice. It increases dream recall. Protects from danger, increasing ones chance of survival & of being rescued. Stabilizes energy. Helps prevents exacerbations of all diseases. Taurus, 6, 1st & 2nd chakras system. 9, 8 & Gemini.

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