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Are there cards that suggest an affaire de coeur? Mais oui! Now remember, although these cards are likely to indicate just an affair, whether it will become more than that will depend on what the ‘outcome‘ cards are.

So let’s get started! …


The energy of the Chariot is one of passioncompetition, and speed. So in a romantic reading, this card indicates conquest! Someone will ardently pursue you because they love a challenge. A hot guy in uniform could have his way with you! Eyes could lock across a crowded room. Better be good at playing hard-to-get because Mr. Conquest has no respect for anything that’s handed to him.

Knight of Wands

This implies a fun, light affair with someone who has no intentions of being faithful. Thisfabulousfunfeckless boy’s in it for a good time not a long time. Romantically ADHD: his affections are likely to last about as long as his hard on.

Knight of Swords

This is the tornado of romance cards: a suddenall-consuming affair that wreaks deliciously hot havoc with your life then ends as suddenly as it began.

Knight Cups

Romance with an often younger guy who woos you & puts you on a pedestal – candlelight, moonlight walks, flowers & an ardent lover.

8 Wands

This card implies a hot affair or travel – or both! 8 Wands signifies action after a period of stagnation. So in a romance spread, it means you’ll be getting some horizontal action after months if Lone Ranger-ing it with your hairy palm/vibrator!

Page Wands

An ardent young lover, or exhilarating new romance that’s sexually stimulating! Think love emails. Sex-texting!


Pretty much the perfect card to indicate a lover isn’t it? Keep in mind that although this card indicates gettin’ some, it doesn’t necessarily mean a trip down the aisle. In fact, it can indicate cheating or being torn between two lovers. Thangs that make ya go hmmmm….!

Ace Wands

Well, just look at it! The ultimate phallic symbol. What do you THINK it means? ‘Nuff said.


Homosexual or bisexual relationship, sexual experimentation, a new relationshipthat starts unexpectedly,  If you’re in a relationship, it can indicate that you’ll suddenly leave relationship & your old life behind to start over..


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