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Can certain cards indicate that your new flame is er, spreading the fire?  Yup.  There are cheating cards. Let’s take a look:


Lovers is often a card of a love affair, but it also infers a clandestine affair … torn between two lovers. So if Lovers shows up in a romance question, either look for another lover in the spread, or look for other ‘cheating’ cards.

7 Swords

The imagery says it all. If you have a Rider-Waite type deck, it usually shows a dude sneaking over a wall with a stash of hot booty tucked under his arm. This is the card of a sneak or thief, so if you’re asking about LUV and this Bad Boy shows up, someone is cheating..

5 Cups

This is a card of grief & betrayal. So if this card shows up with another “cheating” card, someone may be nursing an achy-breaky heart soon..


The moon is about what goes on in the shadows, about hidden enemies & represents women.

Hmmmm…. so if this card shows up in your reading around a guy you have the hots for, he probably has the hots for more than just you or there’s another woman he’s keeping hidden from you. Because the Moon indicates hidden enemies, the other woman/men in question may actually know about you &could even be sabotaging the relationship. Depends on what other cards show up, tho.

Knight Wands

The Slut Boy card! This guy can’t keep his Little Man in his pants, ya know? But he’s very charming, and can be up front about being in it for a good time not a long time. Generally the difference between the 7 Swords & the Knight of Wands, is that with 7 Swords, dude/dudette is cheating, skulking, lying, etc, whereas Knight of Wands is often someone who’s sowing his/her (many) wild oats. If he’s cheating, he’ll be the type to grin cockily (forgive the pun!), shrug & say, “Hey, whaddya expect, I’m a guy!


2 Responses to Cheating Cards

  • I got the Knight of Wands after asking the tarot cards about this guy I had an intimate but hidden relationship with. We’re not together anymore because he and I live oceans apart but we tried to continue it and I think something happened to him which led me to hastily decide to stop once and for all.

    Does it necessarily mean his fickle? Because I read up on his birth cards that he has saturn in Libra which is represented by Queen of Swords meanwhile I’m represented by Knight of Swords 🙂

    In my readings I keep getting the King of Swords, 7 of swords in reverses, and Queen of swords in reverses, moon in reverse.

    All my readings lead me to open and communicate but another side of my readings are telling me to let go and let the universe do the rest on this one. I’m kind of torn because I want to move on and let go of the guy but I feel uneasy about the future because I feel like someone is watching me. That is why I opted to stay out of the crossfire and direct my energy on my work and plans for my future business. (wish me luck1!!)

    Hm. I’m not just confused about that guy but I am confused about what I’m going to do in regards to the love department. Seeing that in the cards he is a difficult man to live with and another reading suggest that I will meet someone destined for me.

    So I am really staying out of the crossfire for now.

    Can you shed some light?

    • Hard to say, because I didn’t do the reading & don’t know the situation – but both the Knight of Wands and the 7 Swords suggest someone who has no intentions of being faithful, and cheats. THe moon is hidden enemies as well as hidden women. As your relationship was hidden, that’s not really surprising. You’ll have to do what makes sense for you, and I’d suggest looking long and hard and what you want, and why. The cards seem to suggest either that he’s married or seeing someone else. This was/is a fling.

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