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Sometimes, particularly with health or accident issues, you may want to know whether you’re dealing with right or left.

I couldn’t really find anything on it, and so I made a choice that works for me.  We read from left to right.  The first number in our number system is odd, and the second is even, so I felt odd numbers would indicate left and even numbers would indicate right.

And so, for example, I see myself on crutches, and I want to find out which leg is likely to be injured.   I will pull a card or two, and if the numbers are odd, that indicates the left side.  If I get mostly even cards, that indicates the right.

If I get more than one card that’s numbered “two“, ie, 2 Stones and 2 Wands or a ‘balance’ card, such as Justice or Temperance, it could indicate a bi-lateral illness.

Otherwise, I go with whatever I get most of.



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