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If you’re just going about your day-to-day life, ever wonder what cards represented what?  Here are some, I’ve found.  Now keep in mind that one may represent more than one place and may need a clarification card, for you to know which place it’s meaning. I haven’t added the 2nd clarification cards, or combos, but this list is a good place to start.  And fun!

  1. Cottage (4 Swords)
  2. Court (Justice)
  3. Dance Studio (3 Cups, World)
  4. Day Care (Sun, 6 Cups)
  5. Doctors office (Queen & King Swords w/ 8 Swords/4 Swords)
  6. Dentist (Death w/ King/Queen Cups)
  7. Esthetitician (7 Cups/Star)
  8. Federal Courthouse (Judgement)
  9. Funeral Home (Death)
  10. Garage/Autobody Shop (Chariot)
  11. Garden (9 Wands)
  12. Gym (Strength)
  13. Hair Salon (7 Cups/Star)
  14. Hotel (4 Wands)
  15. Internet Cafe (World/8 Stones)
  16. Jail (9 Wands/8 Swords)
  17. Lake (6 Swords)
  18. Library (Page Stones)
  19. Liquor Store (3 Cups/Temperance)
  20. Mall (6 Wands)
  21. Massage Therapist (9 wands)
  22. Medical Clinic (4 Swords)
  23. Mental Health Facility (Moon/8 Swords)
  24. Movie Theatre (Moon/Star)

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