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OK, so say you’ve got the urge to mergelong term that is. Looking for luv – the Big One, your own Mr. (or Ms) Big – and you wanna ask the cards what’s comin’ in.  Well here are some of the best happily-ever-after tarot cards!


Congrats!  This card indicates a committed relationship, marriage  & also pregnancy and/ or childbirth.  In a man’s spread, this can indicate the woman of his dreams & (or) the mother of his children.  In a woman’s spread it means love that leads to motherhood!

But, depending on the cards around it it can also indicate a baby-mama or unexpected pregnancy, so if you’re not interested in the pitter-patter of tiny feet,  glove up!


The Hierophant, otherwise known as Le Pape (Pope), of course indicates the church, and so, in a love reading, can indicate marriage, vows, or pledges.  You’re going to taking a trip down that aisle! Now if there are negative cards around it & you’re already married, it may mean said vows are tanking.  But generally, in a love reading,  it’s a woot! card!

10 Stones

10 Stones is all about family & stability.  So, in a love reading this usually indicates marriage into a family dynasty, an arranged marriage, or a marriage to someone who’s financially secure and who believes in traditional family values.

It can also be a trust fund marriage! This could be a marriage for business or financial reasons.  Think (ok, but not tooo hard) Anna Nicole Smith and  her Geezer Millionaire.

But  often this mean’s you’ll get it all – marriage, love, stability, family & financial stability.

9 Cups

Lucky you!  9 Cups indicates the marriage of your dreams! Marital happiness. This card means you’ll marry the person you desire. It’s a card of luxury and physical pleasure, so in a love reading it implies that the the relationship will be very sensual, and you’ll live in luxury. Niiiiiiice! It not only suggests a marriage of love & contentment but implies that both people are well-off, have a great sex life, enjoy each other and have their own interests and friends.

10 Cups

Lucky, lucky you!! 10 Cups indicates family, joy, love & commitment. This is the Happily Ever After card. Long-term love, happiness & making a family together.

3 Cups

Celebration! This party card indicates celebration of an engagement or a marriage! It also can indicate celebration of a pregnancy or birth of a child.  Finally, it  also can indicate a divorce that makes a new (and better) marriage possible.

4 Wands

Wedding bells! This card can indicate hotels, property, receptions, etc.  So in a love reading, this fab card indicates  celebration, marriage, a honeymoon, buying a house together, moving in together or all of the above! This is committed love, often with a mortgage!

Fun, huh!


17 Responses to Marriage Cards

  • I was drawing cards for a friend who wanted to know if marriage was in the cards (1 card per year for the next 5 yrs). This is what came up:

    1) Empress
    2) 2 of Pentacles
    3) 2 of Swords
    4) 6 of swords
    5) Queen of Swords

    What’s more, the 7 of Swords popped out of the deck right before I drew the cards. I fear the worst for my friend. I hope her marriage (empress) doesn’t end in separation (6 of swords/queen of swords) because of cheating(7 of swords). I hope I’m wrong about this. But if I’m not, how do I break this to her? She’s pretty sensitive.

    • Thanks for the question. First of all, the cards are a guide, and one reading does not an inevitable-event make! 🙂 You’re right, the cards look a bit dodgy – that many Swords can indicate conflict. But I’d confirm by doing another reading, asking the cards the same question, but rather than one card per year, interview and layer the cards. I show how to do this in a five-video series on my Rebel Tarot channel. Start with this sample love spread then click on the link at the end of each video to go to the next.

      If the cards still indicate that her marriage may be in trouble, perhaps advise her that the cards seem to indicate that a her marriage may be at risk during a specific time period, and that the cards are telling her to be careful at that time. Again, you can ask the cards what the circumstances would be that would bring it to a head. Also it suggests that now would be good to pro-actively address any issues in the marriage before that time.

      Also be clear that a reader is not always right, and that the cards indicate a possible – not inevitable – future. Things can change.

      All right? Good luck!

  • Will I ever get Married?. I am 69 years and very,very,Sad and Lonely……

    Thank you for being here .Love your Site

    • Tina Marie,

      Big big hugs. I know how hard and how isolating life can be – particularly life in urban centers, or life when we`ve ve culturalized to make a man our focus and then are lost when he`s no longer there.

      I’d be happy to do a phone or Skype reading for you, if you’d like. My rates, and booking info is all here:

      And if you’re in the GTA, I’m doing shows around Ontario for the next two months.

      If you’d like to ask the cards yourself, check out this sample love reading:

      Ask a simple yes/no question, like “Am I going to get married again in this life time”, or better yet, “Am I going to find a loving companion/partner in this lifetime?” If you get a `Yes`, ask when, then ask how. If you get a `No` the cards may be telling you you need to change your habits in order for him to find you, my luv.

      But Tina Marie, you need to get out!! Join, join, join. Church, bowling, a walking group, a painting group, join a campaign to make the world a better place (like the campaign I`m working on to raise the minimum wage)…whatever. It doesn`t matter. But you need to get out there, Tina Marie. No man`s gonna find you if you stay at home.

      And it`s also much better when you have more than one person to fulfill all your emotional needs. If you`re happier cos you`re going out, and you have a group of friends you go walking with, a friend or two you talk about relationships with, another group you go to concerts with, then you`re not expecting one man to fix everything in your life for you. If you meet people and are having fun, and are happier, you`ll magnetize people (and men)n to you, so it`s a win-win. Sit down with a pen and paper and list what you like to do, what you always wanted to do, and start doing it, girl!! You can DO it! Find groups, and start being social!

      I Read so many older women now who decided they were going to life post-hubbie life on their terms, and have their girlfriends and male friends and are busy doing stuff. Some of them want a companion, as you do, while others are busy and happy and not particularly interested in going down the marriage path again. One woman snorted when I asked the cards if she`d be with a man again. She said, `Don`t bother. I`m not cleaning up after a man again. Been there done that. I`ve got my girls and my bingo and I`m busy doing what I want… I don`t need no man mucking around in it`… I LAUGHED!

      But it`s wonderful to see so many older women choosing to get as much as they can out of life. But I understand how you feel. I was so lonely in Toronto, until I started getting out there. I joined activist groups, did theatre, latin dancing, made sure to have lots of coffee dates with friends…..And although I`d really love to have a man in my life now, I`ve gotta say, I`m pretty happy.

      You can do that, too! Now get out there, Tina Marie, and DO it!!

  • I broke up with my bf.and really want him back.hz ex is troubling him. And I got a lot of lucky cards. All of them were. Does that mean that we wll hitch again?

    • Hard to say. It sounds like you guys may have a chance but sometimes people pull what they want to see. And keep pulling until they get the cards they want. Or sometimes the cards are telling you someone is right around the corner who WILL be right for you.

      You’ve got to figure out why you broke up with him, and how you’re going to handle the problems that caused you to ditch him when/if you get back together.

      Also I’d get together with a friend you trust, and have them pull cards for you. Ask if you’re going to get back together. Do NOT keep pulling until you get the answer that you want. Respect the cards. Then ask when. Then ask how you need to handle the relationship going forward. Then ask what you need to do to change. See what the cards say. Check the Rebel Tarot Youtube channel on how to interrogate the cards, and do yes no questions.

      Good luck, Neku.

  • i was jst reading tarot online for myself n i got 9 cups then 4 cups n then 4 wands i wnted to knw about a dream that i had what does it mean

    • Depends specifically on what you are asking. 9 of Cups is celebrating and 4 Wands could be an engagement or moving in together. 9 Cups can be a proposition but it also can be boredom and sort of feeling that what someone does is never good enough… so depends.

  • Hi I want to ask in which year i got married ? Why so many obstacles coming in my marriage plz help me my Dob 22/11/1988 time 1/12night

    • I don’t do readings for free, or via email. It’s how I make my living, I’m sure you understand. If you want a reading, I’m offering two for one Skype readings for the next 6 weeks. If not, buy a deck of cards, buy or borrow a book like “Tarot Plain & Simple” by Anthony Lewis, check out my YouTube channel (free), called Rebel Tarot. And see what your cards tell you. But one thing I’d say, I don’t think the year someone get’s married is written in stone. I’d say there are years or situations that are stronger possibilities. But along with asking me or the cards what year you’re going to get married, ask yourself what you’re doing to get out there and meet someone, ask yourself what you’re doing to make sure you’ve worked through your baggage so you can create a healthy and loving partnership. And finally, create a rich life for yourself, with lots of friends and interests, so that when your partner comes into your life, you’re not needy cos you’re quite happy with yourself and your life. OK?

  • I have a question. When I had a professional Tarot reading about my ex and I, my regular reader did a Why spread. Does the following indicate marriage

    1.Situation: two of cups

    2. Why? Nine of cup .

    3. Why? Ten of cups.

    4 . Outcomes: Hierophant

    • Jessica, I can’t comment on how someone else chooses to interpret the cards. Her spread in the context of your query makes no sense to be, to be honest. I read differently. She’s your regular reader, so I suggest you ask her.

    • In terms of the meanings of the cards, get a good book and look it up. “Tarot Plain and Simple” is good. And look at the images in the card. In terms of why your reader did what she did, well, you’re just going to have to ask him/her.

  • Hi, I am in love with a man who was my classmate in school. earlier we were good friends but now we are in love with each other for the past four years. But he is a year and a half younger to me.. we really love each other.. i want to know if i can marry him. please give a reply!!

    • Alakanada, I don’t do free readings, although I have a great 2-for-1 special. However, if you love someone and want to marry them why would an age difference of 18 months make a difference? In the scheme of things, and given that this is a society where old men are praised for marrying young girls (Mick Jagger’s 72 and his current partner is 29), a year and a half is nothing. I talk to more and more women who are defying that double standard and dating men 10 and 15 years younger. I can’t tell you what to do. But I’d say follow your heart.

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