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Now there ARE ways  there are ways to figure out time. The suits of the minor arcana are each associated with a season. However, different readers and books have different views.

Personally, I very simply go with what made sense to me.

Wands are Fire and hot, so they’re summer (June, July August).

Pentacles/stones are about harvest so to me the’re Fall (September, October, November).

Swords cut like an icy winter wind, so to me they’re Winter (December, January, February).

Finally Spring is soft, but flows back & forth, so I associate it with Spring (March, April, May).

You can get more specific by associating the number on your card with a week:  So 5 Pentacles would be approximately 5 weeks into Fall, so the first week in October.  10 of Wands would be 10 weeks into Summer, so the 2nd week in August and so on.

Another way to check if tarot is trying to tell you something is going to take place in a certain season, is to double check it against your marker.

For example you can ask the cards what season something is likely to take place.  Let’s just say you ask on Nov 1st . Let’s say you get Fool ,  9 Cups, and 5 Swords.  Well the Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana, and numbered Zero. It could mean right now, but it can also indicate New Years Day.  The 5 Swords can mean 5 weeks from now (2nd week of December), or five weeks into winter so the 1st week of January.  9 Cups can mean mid-April (9 weeks into Spring) the 9th month, but it can also be a 9 marker.  And 9 weeks from November is the first week of January.  So although all the cards can indicate several different periods, what they have in common is that all three cards indicate the first week of January – so there’s your answer!

Another hint, when once you’ve laid out a block of cards about a specific issue, check to see if you have two or more cards with the same number. For example, say you’re asking about love and  three cards are “3” cards: 3 Cups, Empress (3 in Major arcana) and 3

Repetitions of a number, can mean that number will be significant in a time line. So in this case, three is significant.  Assuming you’ve already determined it could be within a year, this could mean 3 days, weeks or months, or the 3rd month.

OK.  So assume you pulled this cards in the middle of December.  Next, ask what season this is going to happen in.  If you get a “Sword” card, that indicates winter, so it’s going to happen three weeks from now, which makes it the 1st week in January.  If you get a “Cup” card, it means it could happen the third month of the year, which is March – early spring.  Get it?  Fun, huh!

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