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I’ve discovered that there are cards that (for me) can indicate physical activity!  Who knew? lol!

Generally, most Wands can indicate physical activity. But here are some cards for specific physical activities:


Devil’s all about the earthy functions of the body, so this is a gritty, sweaty workout.  Also a workout at the gym. As a location, it can be a gym.


Obviously this is a workout card!  It usually indicates strength training.  It can also indicatephysiotherapy or rehab (if combined with a hospital card like 4 or 8 Swords).  And if combined with another dance card, this can indicate acro.

5 Wands

This card shows a bunch of guys beating each other with sticks.  Soo, it can indicate any competitive team sport, as well as   martial arts.  In terms of buildings, it can indicate a dojo.

7 Wands

This is all about competition, so this card can indicate a competitive sport or one that had try-outs. It also indicates someone who competes.  But unlike the 5 wands, it doesn’t need to be a team sport.  It can be someone who does a triathalon or Iron Man competition.


World card often depicts a woman dancing in a circle.  So…it can indicate dancing or any physical activity with hoops.

3 Cups

3 Cups shows three women dancing, so can indicate musical theatre type dance – or adancing troop!


OK, this isn’t a strong physical activity card, but it can if paired with a “physical” card like theDevil.  In a health reading,  Judgement can indicate problems with the chest, so if it’s paired with another physical card, it can indicate a cardio workout!  As Judgement indicates bands, it can also be the sort of workout you get in a really physical rock concert.

6 Swords

This is my boat card.  If combined with a physical card, it can indicate sailingdragon boat racing & basically any sport that involves a boat.

2 Stones

This is my cycling card – so biking, spinning are indicated!  Now this card has boats in the background, so like the 6 Swords, it can indicate sailing.  To me this can also indicate any two-person sport involving balls: tennisbadmintonping pong, etc.


This is my second biking card.

8 Wands

This card often indicates flying, so if paired with a physical card, it can indicate hand-glidingor sky-diving!  It can also indicate archery!

5 Stones

If paired with 7 Wands or 5 Wands (a physical card), this can indicate any winter sport! So it can be skiing, skating, etc.

Fun, huh! So check out Part 2 to find out which cards are the core sports cards & which spread positions can indicate physical activity.  And check out Part 3 to find out which groups of cards indicate a particular fitness/sport category!


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