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OK, so we’ve talked about how to figure out how you’d know whether your cards are indicating a sport or fitness activity.  And I’ve given you specific cards for specific sports.  Now let’s take a quick look at what groups of cards can indicate a specific fitness or sports category.

Water Sports

Finally, I have a couple of  relatively strong pool cards.  If you get those, the person may do aquatics (if accompanied by Death or Hermit, it may be a water aerobics class for seniors!.

Basically if the illustration of a tarot card has water in it, or a body of water, then it can indicate a water sport.

So of course, any card in the suit of  Cups card could indicate a water sport of types – as Cups/Chalices are vessels for water.  This would be particularly apt if you have more than one Cup card.

But some non-Cup cards  can indicate pools is that they all have pools of water in the Rider Waite illustrations:

  • Star
  • Temperance
  • Ace Cups
  • Soooo…

    If  your pool card shows up next to 3 Cups (dance), it could be synchronized swimming.

    If your clarification card is Hanged Man or Fool, or even 8 Wands it could be diving (flying, radical departure, suspended air).

    Finally if a you also get a 7 Wands, they maycompete, or, if  5 wands makes an appearance, be part of a swim team.

    Equestrian Sports

    Ok, so if you have a couple of strong sports cards either in your 5th or 6th House, and when asking what type of sport the person is involved in you get a Knight (or 2), they may be involved in equestrian sports.  If you get 7 Wands – they may compete, and if you get 5 Wands, they may compete with an Equestrian team.  Cool, eh?  Why?  Well, look at the cards – all the Knights are charging in on – you guessed it! – horses.

    Winter Sports

    OK, so winter sports involve cold weather, and often involve sharp metal (such as blades of skates, & the edges of skis) to carve on the ice.  So what cards indicate cold (at least for me!), and sharp metal?  Swords of course!  So a couple of Sword cards can indicate a winter sport, particularly when paired with the 5 Stones, which often shows snow & therefore cold weather!  Now let’s pair it with some cards:

    Any Ace could indicate snowboarding

    Any 2 card could indicate skiing or skating

    But paired with 5 Wands & 7 Wands both of which are conflict cards, it can indicate a violent team sport, like hockey

    Paired with the World or 3 Cups, which indicate dance and music, it can be figure skating!If you throw Lovers or 2 Cups into the mix – pairs skating!

    How fab is that?  Hope you enjoyed my exploration of tarot cards & sports!


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