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OK, so for me, right now, the only “teeth” card is Death.

Why Death? Well how is death commonly illustrated? As a skeleton. And what’s hanging out for all to see in a skeleton’s face? Teeth. It can also indicate – the skeletal frame – ie, bones.

Now, the only “face” card for me so far is the Emperor, which can also indicate non-cancerous tumour.  Why does the Emperor indicate “face” for me?  Because astrologically, Emperor is an Aries, and Aries rules the head & face.

So together, especially if you have World (scan) or King/Queen Swords, which indicate white collar professionals. Ace Swords can indicate sharp metal instruments, and Heaven knows, there are enough of those in a dentist’s office!

So if you have Death, in a health reading, and no other indicators of big trauma, it’s likely to be a visit to the dentist. If you have Death & some other card indicating dentist, then you get 5 Stones or 2 Stones, that visit to the dentist will cost you a pretty penny.

If you get dentist cards next to 7 Cups or Page Wands or Star, it indicates braces, veneers, or crowns – any dental work that makes you better looking! Why?  Well, Page Wands , 7 Cups, and/or Star are all about appearances. Page Wands is often a fashion-conscious girl, 7 Cups is the card of illusion & appearance, and the Star is about looking like a star.  🙂

Cool, huh?

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