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Beginner tarot readers are often not comfortable with the myriad of meanings that can be attributed to a single card, and even less comfortable with the fact that several cards can indicate one specific thing.  But it ends up being invaluable.  Here’s why:

If you only have one card for a specific thing, if that card is already in use, you’re going to miss anything that may come up around that subject.

For example, say you’re reading for a friend  involved in the military.  Your military card is the Chariot (which can also be the transportation or film industry) .  Then you see financial strain (5 Stones).  You ask why & get 7 Swords (theft or breakdown) in the early Fall (Ace Pentacles). You ask what is going to breakdown but the answer makes no sense.  Later you find out his car broke down.  But the cards couldn’t tell you that because your car card was the Chariot was already being used to indicate his career.

The other benefit to having more than one card represent something is that the 2nd card can confirm the meaning.  For example,if the  9 Wands shows up in a career question, it can mean indicate shift work, prison, working in a guarded/gated facility, the military, security or internet.  But which one?  If one of your clarification cards is Chariot – well, as previously discussed, Chariot can mean the transportation industry or the military. OK, so now you know what career 9 Wands is indicating here: military.

So start exploring not just the multiple meanings of a single card, but multiple cards for a single meaning!


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