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So say you’re doing a reading & you get cards that indicate a trip or some sort of travel, and you want to know why, pull a clarification card.  I’ve listed various events alphabetically, with the card or card combo that indicates it in brackets below.

(4 wands w/ Hermit)

4 wands can indicate many celebrations, but coupled with the Hermit, which can indicate the elderly, you may be taking a trip to celebrate an older couple’s milestone anniversary!


If you’re going to a religious retreat, a monastery, a yoga retreat or an ashram, a shaman’s journey or retreat, you’re likely to get these cards.



The Empress is mother & so can indicate a trip to visit your mother, or a trip back to where you were born.

(Judgement/Star/Knight Cups)

Rider Waite imagery shows an angel blowing on a trumpet, so this card, oddly, doesn’t just indicate Court Houses & places associated with Law (like Geneva, Switzerland), but can indicate a live band.  This is particularly true when the card is paired with an entertainment, nightlife or music card such as the Star or the Knight of Cups.  So, that said, this combo could indicate either a trip to see your favorite band in concert, or it could be a city famed for it’s music (New Orleans, Chicago, or Cuba).

(Wheel of Fortune)

The Wheel of Fortune can indicate gambling and therefore a casino.  In the context of a trip, the Wheel of Fortune can indicate a trip either to a casino or a trip to a city that has is famous for its casino, like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.

(Hierophant w/ Sun/6 Cups)

Hierophant usually indicates a religious ceremony in a church or mosque. So if you get it with the Sun or 6 of Cups, both of which can indicate children & babies, you may be traveling to go to a christening.

(6 Cups)

6 Cups indicates children. In the context of travel, you may be going to visit the place where you grew up, you may be traveling to visit a friend you grew up with on an ex. Finally, you may be taking a trip to visit your children.

(Emperor/4 Stones)

Emperor is corporate power, while 4 Wands is obsession with money. So they often indicate a big city with a big financial district, such as Toronto, New York, London, Boston. Or a trip to

(Wheel of Fortune)

Wheel of Fortune usually indicates a trip to the casino!  If 3 Cups, Star or World is involved, you may be going to the casino to see a show!

(6 Swords/2 Stones)

The Rider Waite imagery for both 6 Swords and 2 Stones has boats, so in the context of a trip, you may be going on a cruise ship for a vacation, or may be going on a sailing or yachting trip.

(7 Stones)

This indicates either a farm, park or wilderness.  So you may be going apple picking at a local farm, having a picnic at a beautiful park, or going camping!

(8 Wands)

8 Wands usually is the defacto card for airplanes or flight.  It can also indicate a vacation.  So if this comes up you may be flying somewhere, maybe for a vacation.


The Emperor is Patriarch/Father, so can indicate a trip to visit your father.

(Hierophant w/ Death/5 Swords)

Hierophant usually indicates a religious ceremony in a church or mosque. So if you get it with the Death card, or the 5 Swords, which can indicate death after a long illness, you’re probably traveling to a funeral.  If 10 Stones shows up too, it can indicate traveling home for the death of a family member, or a trip to sort out an inheritance.

(4 Wands)

This card can indicate a wedding, or anniversary, but sometimes it just indicates a trip that includes a hotel stay.

(World/6 Swords)

The World is, well the world & can indicate global travel. 6 Swords indicates long or distant trips, & so also indicates indicates international travel.

(3 Stones)

3 Stones usually indicates craftsmanship & a trade. So this card, in the context of travel, can indicate traveling for a placement or internship.  It can also indicate going to a place to buy art or view artisans’ works.  Perhaps Venice to see blown glass, or to a wonderful craft show!


The Rider Waite imagery has mountains behind the Fool, so in the context of travel, the Fool can indicate a trip to the mountains (BC, Alberta, California, Switzerlannd, etc)

(3 Cups w/ 4 Wands)

Amongst other things, 3 Cups can indicate musical theatre.  The World can indicate a show with dancing!

(4 Swords/Hermit)

4 Swords indicates retreating, taking time to relax. So it can indicate a retreat. The hermit indicates quiet time alone. When 4 Swords is comined with the Hermit, , it can mean a spiritual retreat, or a place that functions as one, such as an ashram.

(Lovers, 2 Cups)

Both these cards indicate lovers & romance. So in a travel reading, they can indicate a travel to a honeymoon or couples resort, or to cities associated with lovers (Paris, Venice)

(Page Stones)

Page Stones indicates study & schuol. So this may indicate either a school trip, taking a trip to take a course, or going away to school.

(5 Stones w/ 5 Wands)

The Rider Waite 5 Stones shows snow, so coupled with 5 Wands (competition/sports), or 4 Wands/3 Cups (hotel/party), may indicate a ski trip!

(5 Wands)

5 Wands can indicate competition & sports teams, so you may be taking a trip to for a sports event. If 5 Wands is combined with 5 Stones (which can indicate snow), you may be going on a ski trip. If combined with Emperor/4 Stones, you may be going to a big city to see a game maybe Toronto to see the Leafs play hockey!


Sun indicates a trip or vacation somewhere sunny & hot like Mexico, the Camans, Cuba, etc.

(4 Wands/Star)

4 Wands can indicate theatre. If it’s coupled with Emperor/4 Stones, it can indicate a trip to a large city like New York, Toronto or London to see theatre. But if it’s coupled with 4 Swords, which indicates a retreat, you may be going to a resort town to see some summer stock!

(Hierophant w/ 3 Cups/4 Wands)

Hierophant usually indicates a religious ceremony in a church or mosque. 3 Cups & 4 Wands indicate celebration & often marriage – so combined w/ Hierophant it’s a marriage often in a church.