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So here’s Part 2 of types of trips.  Ready?

(7 Stones)

This indicates either a farm, park or wilderness.  So you may be going apple picking at a local farm, having a picnic at a beautiful park, or going camping!

(8 Wands)

8 Wands usually is the defacto card for airplanes or flight.  It can also indicate a vacation.  So if this comes up you may be flying somewhere, maybe for a vacation.


The Emperor is Patriarch/Father, so can indicate a trip to visit your father.

(Hierophant w/ Death/5 Swords)

Hierophant usually indicates a religious ceremony in a church or mosque. So if you get it with the Death card, or the 5 Swords, which can indicate death after a long illness, you’re probably traveling to a funeral.  If 10 Stones shows up too, it can indicate traveling home for the death of a family member, or a trip to sort out an inheritance.

(4 Wands)

This card can indicate a wedding, or anniversary, but sometimes it just indicates a trip that includes a hotel stay.

(World/6 Swords)

The World is, well the world & can indicate global travel. 6 Swords indicates long or distant trips, & so also indicates indicates international travel.

(3 Stones)

3 Stones usually indicates craftsmanship & a trade. So this card, in the context of travel, can indicate traveling for a placement or internship.  It can also indicate going to a place to buy art or view artisans’ works.  Perhaps Venice to see blown glass, or to a wonderful craft show!

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