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There are many ways to use tarot cards to determine whether the answer to a specific question is yes or no.  But generally, you designate a set of cards to yes, and another set to no, then ask your question.

How you do that is up to you. The easiest way is to say that “good” cards mean yes, while “bad” cards mean no.  That’s the easiest way, but it can seem counter-intuitive.  I’ll give you an exaggerated example; say you’ve decided the “happy” cards always mean yes, and you ask the cards, ‘Am I going to die a horrible, painful death?’.  Then if you get a happy optimistic card, like the Sun, then that means you could die an awful death.  Now of course you shouldn’t really ask those types of questions, but that’s a whole other blog… Anyway, you get the idea.

An alternative, and one I use, is to assign yes to the group of cards that would make most sense given the outcome. For example, if I were to ask if I was going to meet the love of my life in the next year, I’d assign the “happy” cards to yes cos a yes answer would make me very happy!  However, if I’m asking if I’m going to be laid off in the next six months, I would assign the “dark” cards to indicate yes, because I would be unhappy or traumatized if the outcome were yes.  I also would pay attention to the nuances of the cards within the context of the question.  When asking a yes/no question around layoffs,  Tower, could indicate layoffs coming suddenly from Head Office, 2 Stones could mean being made part time, etc.   But I digress!  Here are the classic yes/no cards &  how they break down….

“Good” (or Yes) Cards

Generally, “good” cards would include:

  1. Sun
  2. Universe
  3. Ace Wands
  4. Ace Cups
  5. Ace Stones
  6. 4 Wands
  7. 8 Wands
  8. 2 Cups
  9. 3 Cups
  10. 10 Cups
  11. 9 Stones
  12. 10 Stones
“Bad” (or No) Cards

“Bad” cards would include:

  1. Devil
  2. Death
  3. 3 Swords
  4. 5 Swords
  5. 9 Swords
  6. 5 Cups
  7. 8 Cups

Cards suggesting you wait  or delay making a decision would  include:

  1. Hanged Man
  2. 9 Wands
These cards can indicate you’re going to be blocked from an unexpected source:
  1. 5 Swords
  2. 8 Swords

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