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Many of you have asked me to interpret a sample spread so you can get an idea of how to read.  So I thought I’d pull  a sample 4 Card Spread and interpret it for you.  I picked the 4-Card spread because four cards is enough to tell a story but not enough to make beginners dizzy. I hope! lol!

As you’ve no doubt realized, the  same four cards can mean very different things, depending on what you ask.  Let’s take a good look at what the cards can mean generally.   Read ’em carefully before moving on.

[1-PAST] 5 Stones

This can indicate:

  • money loss,
  • infection
  • accident resulting in one being on crutches, or
  • loss of self-esteem.
[2-AROUND YOU NOW] 9 Stones

This can indicate:

  • financial independence,
  • real estate or property,
  • self-sufficient financially well-off woman, or
  • a beautiful yard and/or garden
[3 NEAR FUTURE] Strength

This card can indicate:

  • a position of strength,
  • victory through tact,
  • physical strength, or
  • the gym
[4-OUTCOME] – Knight Cups

This card an indicate:

  • a job offer,
  • a romance
  • a romantic young man who puts you on a pedestal; the embodiment of Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night (“If music be the food of love, play on…”),
  • a musician, poet or actor
  • a marriage proposal, or
  • problems with swelling, the nervous system, or the legs

So how do you know what each meaning of the cards to
use?  Well,  keep the question specific!!

So let’s narrow it down by assuming you’re a single woman and have used this  spread to ask about:

  • Romance
  • Work
  • Health, and
  • Life Lesson

Take a look at the cards, their meanings & their positions & think about how you’d interpret this spread, for each of the four areas.

Stay tuned to find out how I interpreted those cards….!

2 Responses to 4 Card-General

  • You have developed a very good and informative website. One of the best tarot sites that I’ve seen on the web. Someday you should consider organizing this information with more details into a book. I think it would sell well. I have many tarot books, some good and some that are just lame. There’s always people looking for readable tarot book.
    anyways, can you predict when the next psychic fair will be in Ottawa, I missed the last one, so it’s time for my next tarot fix. Good day to you.

    • Diana,

      Thank you so much! Took a bit of a break this summer, but will be back in the fall – which is- gasp!! – two weeks away. I have been debating a book. Just so much going on right now.

      I think I should be in Ottawa in the fall – just don’t know yet. If I our promoter doesn’t do Ottawa, I might come up for a couple of days & read my clients.

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