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5 Stones

Ok, so you may have had an infection or perhaps an accident that left you on crutches. You ask the cards which it is, and get option 2.

You’ve been really bummed lately because you’re tired of being cooped up inside and  depending on others for help.

9 Stones

But within the next few days you’re gonna see a marked improvement. You’re going to be more independant. You may even be able to walk without the crutches! You’re going to start going outside more;  taking walks in a nearby park or garden, to heal.


Then within the next month or so you’re either going do physiotherapy or begin focusing very seriously on getting your strength back – likely doing specific exercises at your gym to build up your muscle strength.

Knight Cups

As you do, you’ll really appreciate your health and the miracle that is your body.


There may be some residual swelling (Knight Cups), perhaps around the knee (9 Stones), but nothing serious. And you may meet someone tres cute in physio! Or meet someone walking his big dog (Strength) while you’re out on one of your strengthening walks! He’s a little younger than you, likely a musician and cute (Knight Cups)! Gotta luv it!

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