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5 Stones

You just got out of relationship that damaged your self-esteem, and probably  cost you an arm and a leg.  Until recently you’ve been licking your wounds.  Might have wanted to paint the town red, but only have moula for primer!  🙁

9 Stones

But now you’ve moved into a phase where you’re enjoying your time alone.   I am woman hear me roar!

(OK that could also be Strength too – what with the lion & all!)

Anyway,  you’re on the cusp of discovering you enjoy being single, enjoy not having toanswer to anyone, or sleep on the wet spot.  You might even have started gardening, or have bought a couple of plants for company & luv ’em cos they don’t talk back or leave the toilet seat up.

You may start going to the gym within the next month or two, or start focusing on weight training. You’ll feel your confidence start to flow back.

Knight Stones

This will set the ground work for a lovely romance!  (Knight of Cups) Within the next couple of months, someone possibly younger than you with the soul of a poet or musician, will sweep you off your feet.

Because you’ve just discovered – perhaps for the first time – that you are just FINE on your own, and you actually kind of like it, (9 Stones)  you will be in a position of strength (… well,  Strength). He’ll put you on a pedestal, and woo you.  We’re talking flowers, candle lit dinners, bad poetry, ardent lovemaking, the works!  This relationship will heal you, and may even result in a proposal of marriage. (Knight Cups)

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