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Sample Cards
  1. Recent Past: 5 Stones
  2. Present: 9 Stones
  3. Near Future: Strength
  4. Outcome: Knight Cups
Interpretation for Romance
There are many ways to interpret these cards within this simple spread.  However, this is how I’d interpret the cards if I was asking about spiritual or current path advice for a client or friend:

A general or spiritual interpretation of these cards in this spread would be that you’ve been going thru a rough time.  Your self-esteem has been damaged, and you don’t trust yourself.  But right now, things are shifting.  You’re learning to trust yourself, your abilities, and to enjoy your own company.  Continue to explore that, because it will move you into a cycle of strength, optimism & love.

You see?  Lots of different scenarios, depending on what you’ve asked.  So go ahead: experiment!  Have fun!

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