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5 Stones

Things have been tough at work.  If you’re self-employed, you’ve been barely able to make ends
meet.  If you had a full-time job,  you may have recently had a wage cut shoved down your throat, or been laid off.  You’re feeling the pinch.

9 Stones

But don’t despair! The 9 of Stones says you’ve got a great set of skills and are very marketable. And if not, there’s a way to upgrade your skills that’s around you now.  If you don’t know about it, you will in a few days.

You may find yourself sitting in your garden, or by a window overlooking a park while you study. An inheritance may even tide you over!


You will have the confidence to go after the job(s) you want, and to wait until you get the right one for you. (Strength).  Your skill set, confidence, and the smooth tact you display in interviews will stand you in good stead.

Knight Cups

You could be offered your dream job within a few months possibly by
spring. Woot!

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