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The Horoscope spread is one of the most effective, comprehensive spreads out there!  But it’s complicated, so I’d suggest you work your way up to this.  Once you’re ready, I’d suggest using the question & layer technique for each of the Houses.

Take your time & be patient with yourself!

OK, so the spread is comprised of 13 cards (or positions).  Each one of the positions indicates one of the 12 astrological houses, except for the 13th, which is a summary card.

In Part 1, we’ll look at the first six Astrological Houses & what they mean.  Ready?


Mother’s father, father’s mother &  you

  1. Your looks, personality, drive, goals, priorities, determination & deepest desires.
  2. Important trends and cycles.
  3. The 1st & 6th house combined reflect ones health.

Earned income, financial obligations and material possessions.

  1. Material gains and losses.
  2. Your sense of security and overall self-confidence.

Siblings, neighbors, cousins, close kin

  1. Writing, editing, speaking, & reading. Conducting research, study opportunities, teaching & learning languages, drafting contracts & agreements, presenting  proposals.
  2. Commerce including sales, marketing, public relations and self-promotion.
  3. Your neighborhood, short-distance trips & all means of local transportation and shipping.
  4. Nursery school through high school, your relationships with siblings, cousinsn& neighbors, & childhood experiences.

Fathers, elders, family, roommates, visitors, renovation contractors

  1. Your home -appearance, location, roommates& family life. Includes house guests, home-improvement contractors & babysitters. Those who challenge domestic harmony.
  2. Property & real estate – buying or selling houses, condos, co-operatives, or the leasing of an apartment.
  3. Your parents & your relationship with them, the foundations of your life. The type of life you will have much later in life (end of days).

Children, lovers

  1. Love life, romance, fun & pleasure as well as present children, pregnancies & the birth of new children.
  2. Creativity, new ideas, hobbies & sports.
  3. Any leisure activity, from attendance to social events to rest and relaxation.
  4. Games of chance & finance, from gambling to investment in the stock market.

Employees, father’s siblings, pets, dentists, fitness experts

  1. Daily routine & the methods you use to get your work done. The  nature of your work & the work environment.
  2. People you employ at home or at work.
  3. The proactive measures you take to stay healthy. Diet, fitness & exercise,  checkups & visits to the dentist.
  4. All domestic pets & small animals.

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