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There are several cards in the Minor Arcana that suggest the start of something new. However, where Major Arcana cards we discussed propel the seeker into a new cycle, beginnings in the Minor Arcana usually are limited to one area of the person’s life, and are often spread over more than one card.

NOTE: Two Aces indicates a change of job & change of residence

Generally, the Aces indicate a powerful upsurge of energy that propels the seeker into action and towards change, the Twos (Two of Pentacles, Two of Cups, etc.) indicate the arrival of an opportunity (or opportunities) for the seeker to take advantage of, and the Threes indicate an early success, celebrated with a group, that gives the seeker the confidence to continue on the new path.

Let’s start with the first card in each suit: the Ace. The four Aces fuel the new phase, providing a powerful upsurge of energy, often not yet focused on a specific person or project, that propels the seeker into motion.

The energy of each Ace is specific to its suit:

Ace of Wands

gifts the seeker with a powerful upsurge of creative & sexual energy as well as life force.

Ace of Pentacles

graces the seeker with the desire and opportunity to make money, which can manifest as a gift, opportunity, or inheritance that provides the foundation for a lucrative venture.

Ace of Cups

blesses the seeker with an ability to be open to emotional intimacy in a way they’ve never been.

Ace of Swords

suggests that the seeker’s worldview will shift dramatically, causing intense conflict before resulting in victory.

So, say a woman has hibernated all winter with her chocolate and trashy romances. That first sunny spring day, when she saunters down the sidewalk feeling alive and sexy for the first time in months, grinning saucily at the hotties, and checking out their butts as they pass by – that is the Ace of Wands. She’s got the urge to merge…and to write, and to start a band, and to dirty dance with the hottie next-door. She’s not done it yet, but the energy to, the desire to, and above all, the belief that it WILL happen, is suddenly there. And she is fiercely alive: creatively and sexually.

A guy who divorced his wife several years ago but never really forgave her, meets someone who heals his heart, and teaches him to trust again. Although that relationship evolves into a friendship, he finds himself not only believing in love again, but ready to truly open himself to intimacy. And that is the Ace of Cups. He may not have met his new lover yet, but his radar’s up, his heart’s open, and he’s primed for love!

A woman who’s always been a fan of gas guzzling SUV’s gets dragged by a friend to Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and is pole axed by it. She sells her car, starts composting, and joins an environmental group to the dismay & of friends who, threatened by the change, argue, threaten, and finally are forced to either leave or accept her new path. That life-changing revelation that strikes like a bolt of lightening, changing one’s perspective, and potentially one’s life forever, is the Ace of Swords.

An accountant who is competent but miserable working for a big bank, gets an unexpectedly large tax return the same week he runs into an old mate who has this brilliant idea for a new business and is looking for a business partner who can manage the finances. That incredibly exciting, risky, and unexpected opportunity to create a lucrative business, that hasn’t yet coalesced into a specific offer or plan, is the Ace of Pentacles.

Does it mean that a new beginning is inevitable? No. Because the energy of the Aces is unfocused, the person may feel the Ace’s power as an itch they don’t quite know how to scratch, and decide not to do anything about it. But their potential is formidable. And in the next article, we’ll explore how the Two’s follow and fill out the foundation laid out by the Aces.


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