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If you pull cards and don’t get the response you want, do not keep pulling cards until you get the cards that tell you want. Pull for confirmation, for clarification, for more detail & if something changes. But do not continue to pull until you get the answer you want. You are, in essence, forcing the cards to lie to you, and using them to enable your delusions.

People do it all the time and not just with cards. I had a Christian girlfriend who informed me  that God had told her she was going to marry Sam.

She fantasized about their life together, & when he  ignored her, she told herself (and her long-suffering friends) he just needed time. She told herself that right up until he married someone else. Evidently God hadn’t let Sam in on “The Plan”.

I had almost exactly the same thing happen years later with a different friend, but with cards rather than “God”. This friend was obsessed with Mike, who, after a couple of hot rolls in the hay, moved on to greener pastures. She was convinced they were meant to be together. She kept asking me to ask  if they would go off into the sunset together.

Personally I didn’t think so as he pretty much considered her a stalker – something the cards told me & she later indignantly confirmed. She got a couple of the Big Baddie cards: (Death, 5 Cups & 5 Swords I believe). Yup; the tarot equivalent of “Not a chance in Hell”..

She scowled and pulled cards for herself again, and again, (and did I mention again?) until the “Ride off into the sunset with Prince Charming” cards showed up. Then she beamed at me and said triumphantly, “See!!”.

Needless to say, Prince Charming rode off into his own sunset trailing besotted women, and she never heard from him again.  And several months later she ended up falling in love with someone else who appreciated her as much as she deserved.

Now it’s not like I haven’t done it to myself too.    Yup.  Oh, yeah.    I’ve shot myself in my Psychic Foot a quite a few painful times, let me tell you.  Some funny.  Some not. And I describe my most difficult faux-paux in this area here.

Remember: The great gift of tarot cards is their ability to tell you specifically what may be coming into your life and what the outcome of any given situation is likely to be. But they can’t help you if you refuse to listen.



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