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It’s always OK to ask the cards about something again, if you’ve got the right intent. If you want to clarify, to make sure, or to get details, that’s great.

BUT if you’re pulling again because you don’t like the answer, and intend to pull again until you get the answer you want, BAAaaaaad idea.   I don’t think you’re going to burn in hell… mind you, what do I know? lol! But when you do that, you’re forcing the cards to lie to  you. For what? So you can delude yourself a little longer? You know what? Save yourself the time & effort & don’t pick up the cards. Only work with tarot if you’re open to getting answers you don’t necessarily want.

I speak from personal experience. From the moment I rang in 2006, whenever I pulled cards for myself I got the Big Baddies (Tower, 10 Swords, Death, 5 Cups, 9 Stones) around a woman (Empress or one of the Queens). Over and over and over. The cards were trying to tell me something was coming down, that it involved a woman and it wasn’t gonna be pretty.

I could have asked the cards what they were referring to, could have asked when the baaad thing was going to happen, asked whether it was personal or work, narrowed down who the woman was.

But what did I do? I ignored my cards, cos my life was stressful, and I wasn’t up for any more bad stuff. So when I got the Big Baddies around a Queen, I’d I roll my eyes, tell myself I was just in a pissy mood and the tarot cards were reflecting that then shuffle until I got the nice cards I wanted to see.

Then in July of that year my mother died suddenly. And the bad cards stopped. And then I realized that they’d been trying to warn me for months.

I never got to say goodbye to her.

If I’d listened to what the cards were trying to tell me, I might have called her more, might have paid more attention the week she died, might have gone home for a visit, even though we weren’t close.   Cos after all, what would it have hurt to spend extra time with her, or tell her to watch for a blood clot, even if the cards were wrong?

So my advice is to listen to your cards.  If you have enough ability & skill with the cards that you’re getting accurate answers from them, then respect them & listen to what they’re trying to tell you, even if it isn’t what you want to hear.


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