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The Minor Arcana are almost exactly like a deck of playing cards.   As with playing cards, there are four suits, that have cards going from the Ace to King. The only difference is that tarot have an extra Court or Face card.  Whereas playing cards have Jack, Queen & King, the Minor Arcana have Page, Knight, Queen & King. Each of the suits corresponds to the 4 elements of astrology: earth, fire, water & air.  Although each card has it’s own specific meanings, each suit of the Minor Arcana has it’s own energy.

Let’s take a look:

Pentacles (Stones, Disks)

Alternate Names: Stones, Disks, Coins
Playing Card Suit: Diamonds
Season: Winter
Astrological Assoc: Earth
Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
General: Business, wealth, property, inheritance, education
Love:  Practical, earthy
Career: Bankers, real estate agents,  farmers, laborers, construction workers, students
Health: Problems with shoulders, neck, knees or stomach
Personality: Sensible, dutiful, dull, resourceful, studious, stubborn, loyal, earthy
Coloring: Brown or black hair, brown eyes, darker-skinned


Alternate Names: Rods, Staves, Sticks
Playing Card Suit: Clubs
Season: Spring
Astrological Assoc: Fire
Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, Saggitarius
General: Creation, action, enthusiasm, competition, politics, new opportunities, initiation
Love:  Passion, sex
Career: Athletes, actors & competitors, teachers, salespeople, preachers, entrepreneurs
Health: Acid reflux, inflammation, infection, fever & high blood pressure
Personality: Charismatic, passionate, impulsive, restless, pioneering, inspiring leader, short-tempered, arrogant
Coloring: Fair skin, freckles, red or blonde hair, blue/green/grey eyes


Alternate Names: Chalice, Water
Playing Card Suit: Hearts
Season: Summer
Astrological Assoc: Water
Astrological Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
General: Emotions, art, relationships, nurturing
Love: Emotional, nurturing
Career: Psychologists, counselors, healers, nurses, psychics, artists, musicians, writers
Health: Problems with nervous & lymph systems, circulation, blood & blood clots
Personality: Emotional, sensitive, moody, empathetic
Coloring: Light brown, ash blonde, or grey hair.  Blue, grey or hazel eyes, & fair to medium skin


Alternate Names: Can’t think of any
Playing Card Suit: Spades
Season: Autumn
Astrological Assoc: Air
Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra Aquarius
General: Communication, strife, pain, sudden changes, conflict, injury, cutting, danger
Love:  Intellectual, meeting of the minds
Career: Medicine, communications & military: doctors, lawyers, journalists, soldiers, strategists
Health: Surgery, needles, sudden attacks, hospitals
Personality: Intellectual, analytic, emotionally detached, sarcastic, courageous, cruel, quick-witted, glib
Coloring: Olive skin, brown or black hair, medium to light eyes

So if you have a lot of Stones in your spread, your focus is or issue is likely money, or career.

If your spread has lots of Cups, you’re likely dealing with a lot of strong emotions – often related to intimacy.

If your spread has a lot of Wands, you’re likely in an intensely sexual or creative period.

And finally, if your spread is weighted with Swords, you’re likely going thru a tumultuous time rife with conflict, abrupt change, and oh yeah, needles.

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