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What I’ve found is that you’ve got to keep your time frame in mind when interpreting tarot cards. If you’re asking how tomorrow or perhaps next week is going to go, a card that could be traumatic & potentially life-altering in a long term spread could just mean something really annoying when it shows up in a daily spread.

It’s relative. For example if you are doing a spread for the day & get the 10 of Swords in the morning & 4 Swords in the afternoon, it may simply mean that your back will start bothering you in the morning and you’ll need to take it easy or lie down in the afternoon.

But in a long term spread 10 Swords/4 Swords could mean divorce, bankruptcy, or surgery, depending on where it shows up in the spread, and what cards are around it.

Something that feels traumatic that day – having a fight with your sister, or getting a nasty cold will often be indicated by trauma cards because they are reflecting something that is painful or traumatic at the moment.  But keep mind a big owie that happens that day – like a parking ticket or a big cell phone bill – will probably be be completely forgotten in 10 years.

So if you get some Big Baddies in a daily spread, look at your cards for the next day, week or month, before you panic. If the next day is all happy, happy, or neutral, or even just non-Big Baddie, then you’re good.

And if you get a single Big Baddie in a Long Term spread, don’t do a swan dive off your balcony just yet – you usually need a cluster of the Big Baddies to indicate a traumatic event that will have a long term impact. And even if you do, the cards are showing you a possible outcome given the way things are going – a heads up, so to speak, not an inevitable fated event.


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