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When reading tarot, the most effective way to get detail from the cards is to combine two techniques: card layering & questioning.

The tarot cards reflect the knowledge & wisdom of a Higher Power. I don’t know what that Power is – the 97% of the brain we don’t use, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Mother Earth or all of the above. Personally, I’d lean towards believing that the different deities are all different faces of that same Power.

But although that Power has great knowledge, it can’t easily communicate with us, and that’s where the tarot cards come it.  Tarot cards gives that “Still Small Voice” a way to communicate clearly with you.

So treat the cards like they’re a genius that can’t speak English but want’s to tell you something. How would you get information from that person? You’d pull the story out of them one specific question at time.

So start by choosing a spread then asking a simple question. Pull cards & lay them out in your spread’s formation,  one card for each spot.

Study the spread, then ask yourself, what is not clear?

Ask a specific clarification question, focus & pull a card, or a few, depending on what feel’s right.  OK.  Did that clarify it?  Do you have another point you need clarified?  OK, then ask the second clarification question, keeping it specific, & pull some more tarot cards, layering across, if your spread is horizontal, so you’ll know that these are clarifying cards for that position.

Keep your questions  specific and just continue to  drill down until you have the information you need.

Always respect the card’s answer, even if it isn’t what you want to hear.


2 Responses to Layer & Question

  • I think it would be helpful if you provided an example, perhaps one of your tarot adventure, on how this works. what if the layered cards start to conflict, won’t that cause confusion.

    • Diana,

      You’re right, and I’m planning on doing that. Just figuring out what will be the most effective way. Also, as you know, I don’t get paid for this, so have to do this in the very little free time I have. But don’t worry – I’ll get to it. 😉

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