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SO, IF you want to find out when the shows are, or my latest deals,  and are on Facebook lots, like my Facebook page.  If you turn on notifications for it, my posts will show up in your feed.  If you know how to like my Events, you’ll receive notice of new events.  And right now (October 11/17), I’m still sorting out my website migration.  So when in doubt, message me on Facebook!


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2 Responses to Like My Facebook Page!

  • I have messaged you on facebook but im not sure if you have received them or bot sobi thought i would try on here. Heres my original message.

    Hi there, I’m from Thunder Bay and i was wondering if u could do a reading for me. My friend was saying that there was a possibility to do it over the phone or skype. Do you have any openings? How much do you charge?

    • Tanya, I’m sorry. I’m not sure why I didn’t see this until now. I’d be happy to read you and/or your friend via Skype. I’m off right now, but plan to be taking clients via Skype January 2nd. I may also read people the 3rd and 4th. I’m still offering $20 off my Full Skype reading. So it is $60 instead of $80, and if there are two of you, and I can read you within a week of each other, I’ll read you for $40 each. OK?

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